Folker One-Name Study

Index of all Folker and variant names

Index of family groups

During early years of registration, the Folker name was frequently written incorrectly, thus the name for a person could vary on different forms
during their life on such as marriage, death or census. For the sake of uniformity. I always use the name as registered at birth or baptism.


John de FOLCARFamily A
John de FOLCURFamily A
Henry FALKERb.1891Family G
Christiana FAULKERb.c1792Family V
Lizzie FAULKER1910-1978Family O
Frances P FOAKER1793-1857Family G
Mary Ann FOAKER1800-1800Family G
Robert FOAKERb.c1752-1826Family G
Robert FOAKER1799-1875Family G
Susanna FOAKER1790-1801Family G
James FOKERb.1797Family G
John FOKERc1868-1953Family O
Margaret FOKERb.1756Family G
Richard FOKERb.c1745-1820Family G
Richard FOKER1796-1798Family G
Robert FOKER1752-1826Family G
Robert FOKER1824-1906Family G
Thomas FOKERc1861-1918Family O
William FOKER1837-1921Family G
William Docking FOKER1827-c1860Family G
William FOKERb.c1863Family O
Alice FOLCARFamily A
Ann FOLCARFamily A
Joan FOLCARFamily A
Mary FOLCARFamily A
Richard FOLCARFamily A
Samuel FOLCARFamily A
Thomas FOLCARFamily A
William FOLCARFamily A
William FOLCARFamily A
John FOLKARDFamily O
John FOLKARDb.c1833Family O
Agnes Shepherd FOLKER1866-1957Family B
Albert Edward FOLKER1897-1965Family G
Albert Walter FOLKERb.c1879Family J
Alfred Hanley FOLKER1830-1901Family B
Alfred Henry FOLKER1855-1939Family B
Alice FOLKERb.1884Family G
Ambrose FOLKERFamily D
Ambrose FOLKER1731-1803Family B
Ambrose FOLKERb.1791Family D
Ambrose FOLKERd.1803Family E
Amelia Sara Ann FOLKERb.c1877Family J
Ann FOLKERFamily B
Ann FOLKERb.c1789Family D
Annie Elizabeth FOLKER1867-1872Family G
Annie Maud FOLKER1901-1994Family G
Arthur E FOLKERb.1936Family G
Arthur Ford FOLKER1870-1872Family G
Arthur Lawrence FOLKER1886-1960Family B
Betsey FOLKERb.1788Family B
Betsey Burrows FOLKER1788-1789Family E
Catharine Ann FOLKERb.1808Family N
Charles FOLKERb.c1843Family J
Charles FOLKERb.1844Family G
Charles FOLKERb.1876Family G
Charles Henry FOLKERb.c1872Family J
Christopher John FOLKERb.1807Family V
Coleen A FOLKERb.1947Family G
David E FOLKERb.1949Family G
David Gordon FOLKER1916-1997Family G
Dora Clifton FOLKER1885-1944Family G
Dora Emily FOLKER1913-2000Family B
Dorothy Vida FOLKER1890-1965Family B
Edgar Lawrence Anthony FOLKERb.1916Family B
Edgar Reginald FOLKER1884-1915Family B
Edith Emily FOLKER1862-1918Family B
Edward FOLKERFamily I
Edward FOLKERFamily J
Edward FOLKERb.1846Family G
Eliza FOLKERb.1812Family N
Eliza FOLKERb.1821Family C
Eliza Catharine FOLKERb.1810Family N
Elizabeth FOLKERFamily B
Elizabeth FOLKERFamily M
Elizabeth FOLKERb.1743Family K
Elizabeth FOLKERb.circa 1831Family G
Elizabeth Ann FOLKERb.c1875Family J
Ellen Eliza FOLKER1856-1894Family B
Elsie May FOLKER1909-2006Family G
Emma FOLKER1833-1899Family B
Emma FOLKERb.1872Family G
Ernest FOLKER1898-1898Family G
Ernest Henry FOLKER1858-1859Family B
Esther Ann FOLKERb.c1876Family J
Eva FOLKERb.1888Family G
Evelyn May FOLKER1881-1955Family B
Fanny FOLKERb.c1840Family P
Frances Richard FOLKER1856-1859Family G
Frederick FOLKERb.c1850Family P
George FOLKERb.c1814Family P
George FOLKERb.c1843Family P
George A FOLKERb.c1851Family T
George Newton FOLKER1858-1943Family B
George Newton FOLKER1893-1965Family B
George Reginald FOLKER1904-1976Family G
George Thomas FOLKERb.1880Family G
Gladys Ann FOLKERb.c1915Family M
Grace Emma FOLKER1899-1987Family G
Hans FOLKERb.c1876Family T
Henry FOLKERb.c1848Family P
Herbert Henry FOLKER1864-1925Family B
Herbert Pann FOLKER1896-1975Family B
Horace Shepherd FOLKER1859-1938Family B
Howard Stanley FOLKER1888-1929Family B
Howard Stanley FOLKERb.1922Family B
Isaac FOLKERb.c1840Family M
James FOLKERc1770-1845Family V
James FOLKER1825-1826Family I
James FOLKER1859-1936Family M
Jane FOLKERb.1810Family C
Jane FOLKER1821-1822Family I
Jane FOLKERb.circa 1833Family G
John FOLKERFamily B
John FOLKERb.circa 1700Family B
John FOLKERb.1760Family B
John FOLKERb.1793Family D
John FOLKER1856-1860Family M
John FOLKERb.1837Family G
John Ambrose FOLKER1825-1825Family B
John Herbert FOLKER1861-1936Family B
John Philip FOLKERb.1942Family G
John Robert FOLKER1892-1969Family O
Kathleen Margaret FOLKERb.1901Family B
Leonard Barratt FOLKER1897-1971Family B
Lewis Edward FOLKER1871-1938Family G
Louis Sidney FOLKER1906-1961Family G
Marcus Bartlett FOLKERb.1917Family B
Margaret Lenda FOLKERb.1929Family G
Maria FOLKER1827-1830Family I
Maria FOLKER1828-1833Family B
Marian Ellen FOLKER1860-1865Family B
Marion Fourdrinier FOLKERb.1896Family B
Marion Lavinia FOLKERb.1935Family G
Mark T FOLKERb.1962Family G
Marsham FOLKER1815-1849Family C
Martha FOLKERFamily B
Martyn Deleaize FOLKERb.1980Family G
Mary FOLKERFamily B
Mary FOLKER1809-1893Family R
Mary FOLKER1812-1813Family I
Mary FOLKERc1805-1893Family N
Mary Ann FOLKER1849-1933Family G
Mary Ann FOLKERb.1874Family G
Mary Ann Bird FOLKERb.1849Family G
Mary Burrows FOLKER1786-1789Family E
Michael Grant FOLKERb.1969Family G
Michael J FOLKERb.1940Family G
Mildred Eastland FOLKER1894-1987Family B
Nellie Ada FOLKERb.1907Family G
Nicholas David FOLKERb.1978Family G
Nicholas Mark FOLKERb.1967Family G
Oscar Llewellyn Mann FOLKER1882-1938Family B
Paul Craig FOLKERb.1969Family G
Percy John FOLKER1914-1942Family G
Percy Newton FOLKER1868-1917Family B
Peter G FOLKERb.1939Family G
Rhoida Ann FOLKERb.1976Family G
Richard FOLKER1782-1854Family C
Richard FOLKER1802-1872Family G
Richard James FOLKER1863-1941Family G
Richard FOLKERb.circa 1830Family G
Robert FOLKER1799-1875Family G
Robert FOLKER1837-1920Family G
Robert FOLKER1873-1873Family O
Robert Turner FOLKER1870-1870Family G
Ronald C FOLKERb.1924Family G
Sally-Anne FOLKERb.1974Family G
Samantha FOLKERb.1967Family G
Samuel FOLKERc.1758-1824Family B
Samuel Shepherd FOLKER1789-1837Family B
Samuel William Thorp FOLKER1821-1823Family B
Sarah FOLKERb.1787Family B
Sarah FOLKERb.1815Family C
Sarah Thorpe FOLKER1823-1823Family B
Sarah FOLKER1787-1857Family E
Sarah Elizabeth FOLKER1860-1886Family G
Sarah Jane FOLKERb.1974Family G
Stephen FOLKERFamily B
Stuart Shepherd FOLKERb.1905Family B
Sydney Newton FOLKER1888-1955Family B
Thomas FOLKERFamily M
Timothy FOLKERb.1840Family G
Ursula FOLKERb.1741Family K
Vivien Agnes FOLKER1914-2006Family B
Walter Henry FOLKER1914-1959Family G
William FOLKERFamily K
William FOLKERFamily N
William FOLKERb.1731Family E
William FOLKER1744-1753Family B
William FOLKERb.1745Family K
William FOLKER1762-1831Family B
William FOLKER1762-1831Family E
William FOLKERc1784-1872Family V
William FOLKER1786-1872Family R
William FOLKER1816-1817Family I
William FOLKERb.1819Family N
William FOLKERb.1861Family M
William FOLKERb.1877Family G
William Bird FOLKERb.1842Family G
William Cowley FOLKERb.1794Family B
William Henry FOLKER1826-1912Family B
William John FOLKER1853-1934Family G
William Robert FOLKER1851-1855Family G
Winifred Ruth FOLKERb.1917Family B
Elizabeth FOOKER1788-1819Family G
James FOOKERb.1781Family G
Robert FOOKERc1722-1789Family G
David Robert FOULKER1879-1947Family O
Ellen FOULKERb.1888Family O
Emma FOULKERc1866-1881Family M
Henry FOULKERb.1903Family O
James FOULKER1902-1983Family O
Joseph FOULKERb.1897Family O
Richard FOULKER1895-1955Family O
Thomas FOULKER1899-1975Family O
William FOULKERc1890-1969Family O
George FULKERFamily M


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