Folker One-Name Study

Summary of the descendants of
Robert Fooker of Snettisham

Descendant chart Descendants names Primary family groups

Generation 1

Robert Fooker and Susanna

Robert Fooker is the earliest reference to members of this family, and the name varies between Foker and Foaker then stabilises as Folker for his descendants. There are probably other direct relatives of Robert but they are not known as the Snettisham Parish registers are missing from the period between 1732 and 1760.

Generation 2

Family of Robert Fooker and Susanna


Generation 3

Family of Richard Foker and Elizabeth Jones

Family of Robert Foaker and Frances Potter


Generation 4

Family of Robert Folker and Mary Ann Bird

Family of Frances P Foaker and William Docking

Family of Richard Folker and Elizabeth Benstead


Generation 5

Family of Robert Folker and Jane Elizabeth Turner

Family of Mary Ann Bird Folker

Family of Robert Foker and Susan Ford

Family of William Docking Folker and Susannah Giles

Family of William Foker and Maria Almira Parker


Generation 6

Family of Charles R Folker and Agnes Marie O'Connor

Family of Lewis Edward Folker and Emma Gent

Family of Mary Ann Folker and Robert John Balding

Family of William John Folker and Agatha Main Drake

Family of Edward Walter Folker and Alice Grace Pishorn

Family of John William Folker and Clara Lake

Family of Fred Whitney Folker and Grace Louise Meyer


Generation 7

Family of William Folker and Ethel Hodgson

Family of Robert John Folker and Sarah Ann Digby

Family of Flora Folker

Family of William Frank Folker and Emma M Bunn

Family of William Corbett Folker and Minnie Bonita Harrie

Family of Fred Whitney Folker and Mary McNicol Laurie

Family of George Reginald Folker and Dora Mellson / Florence Margery Langley


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