Folker One-Name Study

Summary of the family of
William Folker of Yarmouth, Norfolk

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The earliest reference to
William and his wife Elizabeth is in the IGI for the birth of their son Ambrose in Sudbury, Suffolk in 1731. Entries in the Excise Board Minute books show William as being an Officer at Yarmouth in 1744 and in Norwich in 1753.

Ambrose became a Collection Officer of the Excise, being stationed variously in Essex, Wiltshire and Oxford. He married Mary Cowley, daughter of John and Mary Cowley of Fairford, by licence on 28 January 1759. Their son William was born in Fairford Gloucestershire in 1762. Mary died in Fairford in 1788 and Ambrose died in Oxford in 1803.

It is fairly certain that Ambrose was related to John Folker who also was an Officer of the Excise in Essex. John's grandson, Samuel Shepherd Folker, came to live in Oxford.

William was apprenticed to an upholsterer and cabinet maker in Oxford and went on to take over the business in 1776. In 1785 he married Mary Burrows and they went on to have daughters Mary, Sarah and Betsey and son William, Sarah being the only one to survive.

As business flourished, William moved into new premises and took on workers and apprentices. He also became an auctioneer and jis advertisements appeared regularly in Jacksons Oxford Journal, the local newspaper.

William had engaged in civic duties in 1784, working his way up to become Mayor of Oxford in 1802 and again in 1816. He passed away in 1831 and was buried in St.Giles Church in Oxford.


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