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Occasional newsletters were published and distributed to relatives and other contacts who had an interest in the Folker research. These have lapsed in recent times but now are replaced by the news page on this website. Copies can be viwed from the list below :

No. 1August 1993Introduction to the study and the work in hand.
No. 2March 1994Review of last issue plus details of progress and current work.
No. 3August 1995Progress report plus a description of the archive. A list of other associated surnames.
No. 4April 1996Report on current work on Midshipman Samuel Folker. The newsletter mentions a biography of Sydney Folker,
but that is not attached here as it is now out-of-date.
No. 5Christmas 1996An item about Horace Shepherd Folker of Guildford and a note about current research progress.
No. 6October 1997USA connections and putting names into family groups.
No. 7November 1998A small piece about Alfred Hanley Folker plus the family connection to Isaac Newton.
An attachment quotes all known references to Folkers in the Excise.
No. 8September 1999Current and planned work also changes to the websites.
No. 9December 2000Report on progress and contact from relatives.
No. 10August 2002Featuring new and existing contacts plus a picture of my family chest.
No. 11February 2003The discovery of some family items and a new contact from Canada.
No. 12August 2003Announcing new contacts and information from abroad. A picture of the Folker crest.
No. 13Christmas 2003Building family groups both home and abroad. A selection of signatures from old documents and a snippet from the internet.
No. 14October 2004Feature on my grandfathers family.
No. 15Christmas 2006Features on Sydney Newton Folker and Ambrose Folker plus a Folker flower.
No. 16Christmas 2007Some discoveries in the British Library plus my mother's Royal Crown Derby christening mug.
No. 17October 2010This is an unfinished issue that was not distributed but it mentions a pedigree chart kept in Australia.
No. 18March 2013New website dedicated to the Folker name. Some interesting finds. Other publications.


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