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5 June 2013

Last week I managed to aquire another item for which I had been searching for ages. It is a cigarette card showing my grandfather, Sydney Newton Folker, which comes from a set of 50 film stars from the silent era. I did look to buy the set but it was incomplete. Grandpa's story was that the cards were an alphabetical set and they could not find anyone else with a surname that started with the letter F. As it happens, I find that the set is not alphabetical.

11 March 2013

A rare and exciting item came up on Ebay recently which I was determined to acquire and was successful. It is a Drill Book dated 1902 issued by the National Fire Brigades Union of which Horace Shepherd Folker was General Honorary Secretary. Details of his association with the Fire Brigade, particularly in Guildford, can be found as part of his biography.


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